Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 280 - October 7

Remember how I posted about pretending it's fall yesterday? Well, today, Michaela demonstrated why it is that we're stuck pretending when she asked to go swimming after her nap this afternoon.

Thankfully, Jason got to come home early from work today so HE could take her (I don't swim in October, thankyouverymuch), but only after checking the temperature in the pool. The outside air temperature was in the mid-80s, but with overnight lows dipping into the 50s and with it being somewhat slow to warm up during the day, the pool is NOT that warm anymore. Bear in mind, I've never been one to swim in a pool under 80 degrees, but we've all gotten pretty accustomed to the 90 degrees (plus) temperature we get in the summer around here. So the 79-ish degrees was WAY too cold for me, and led me to dig out the long-sleeve swim suit I bought for Michaela forEVER ago.

Of course, once she had the cute suit on, I wanted pictures. She just wanted to swim. But at least I got a few good ones (see the FlyingFish blog for a series of them.... I'll get them up over there as soon as I'm done here). But this one just cracked me up!

Oh, and she did NOT swim for long. She likes warm water, too.

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