Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 88 - March 29

Anyone who's ever had a sick baby knows that, when the baby is sick, the whole world revolves around that. So it's only fitting that the picture for today is of poor, sick Cate.

Poor baby got sick overnight last night, vomiting once on me and then even worse on Jason, and then started running a fever. I have no idea what's going on - whether it's teeth or an actual sickness - but she's just been miserable all day.

She hasn't let either of us put her down all day (thank goodness Jason was able to come home early from work to give me some relief so I could take a nap), and now we're just hoping she'll sleep in her bed tonight (and sleep - something we didn't do much of last night).

Meanwhile, if this picture doesn't show the sad, pitiful nature of a sick baby, I don't know what does.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 87 - March 28

Michaela had her Easter party at school today. She was so excited to go to the party!

In addition to the ginormous quantity of food they always get, they also did an Easter egg hunt (which is really just a "pick up the eggs from the ground" thing) to start off the festivities.

I was able to get about one usable picture of her running around to get eggs, but, even better was the shot I got as the kids were walking back into the building.

Her friend David, for some reason, decided that he needed to hold her hand as they went back inside. He walked up to her, grabbed her hand, and then just headed for the door.

So cute!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 86 - March 27

The Easter festivities start tomorrow with a party for Michaela at school. So, in honor of that, a picture of some of our Easter decorations.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 85 - March 26

I swear, she was not actually angry. Just intense.

But you wouldn't know from this picture!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 84 - March 25

Yesterday, we had a high temperature of nearly 80 degrees. Michaela played outside in shorts. I wore short sleeves. Cate was out in short sleeves. We had an awesome family walk after dinner with just light sweatshirts as the temperature started to cool off.

Today it was not like that.

The high temperature was about 60, but, with a biting, cold wind, it felt a lot colder than that. By 8 tonight, it was about 50 degrees out, but probably felt more like 40 degrees. I really needed some time to myself, though, so we bundled Cate up and Jason took her on his walk with Fred (Michaela was in bed already). I'm glad to see we've now gotten two whole uses out of this fleece suit (one was in NY). We got it when Michaela was a baby, but never used it for her because it wasn't heavy enough for Kodiak. Who knew it would be perfect for a walk in Mobile the night after an almost-80-degree day? Crazy weather!!

Day 83 - March 24

I'm making a bit of a push to start giving Cate more foods to try. Although I'm in no rush to make solids too much of her diet (Until 1, babies are supposed to get about 90% of their nutrition from breastmilk or formula. Plus, breastmilk poop is a lot nicer to deal with than solid food poop.), I've been lazy about trying them out with her so she hasn't had much of a chance to like them.

So yesterday (almost caught up!), I just gave her some chunks of avocado while we ate dinner.

Then I remembered why I spoon-fed Michaela all her food for quite a while and didn't do baby led weaning with her. My type A-ness can't handle this mess.

Though between heart palpitations and fears of a hives breakout (on me!), I did laugh a lot at the complete disaster, which made Cate laugh as well. She was so proud of her mess!!

Day 82 - March 23

I'm 5 days late with Cate's pictures this month. Thankfully, she hasn't changed much in just 5 days, so I can still call it her 8 month picture.

As I've done for the last 7 months, bear with me while I do an update of what Cate's been doing over the past month.

We'll start with the big stuff - TEETH! At 8 months old she finally has some! She got one while Jason was in Astoria (of course), and then the second one broke through while we were at Grandpa Joe's house. So now there are two little teeth on the bottom and we're just waiting patiently for more to come through. Given the fact that Michaela had bitten me a couple of times while nursing at this point with sharp top teeth, it's probably good that Cate only has bottom teeth (they get covered by her tongue when she nurses).

I'm wondering if a new interest in food is coming with the teeth, too. It could just be that I've gotten better about having her try food, but she seems to not hate it as much anymore. She even gnawed on an apple for quite a while one afternoon in NY. It was funny to see her figure out that, if she turned it meat-side down (instead of skin), she could scrape bits off with her tiny teeth. She's also tried some purees - carrots, pears, mango - steamed sweet potato chunks that she seemed to enjoy, and avocado. Oh, and she finally ate some Cheerios and those baby puff things the other day, actually purposely putting them in her mouth and not spitting them out!

On the activity front, she now very easily rolls in both directions and can cover some ground rolling around on the floor. It's funny to watch her get the idea in her head to chase after something and then roll to get it. She gets stuck against furniture, though, and then we get a frustrated cry. There's still no sign of crawling and, as I mentioned, I'm doing more with getting her to stand, supporting herself, against furniture. She's figured out how to do a lot of things just sitting in one place and scooching around a little, so she doesn't seem to need to move much more than that!

Sleep is about the same as its been for months. Except when we do silly things like visiting three different places in a two week period and changing time zones and dealing with daylight savings time. Then sleep sucks. Now that we're home, though, we seem to be getting back into our routine. She gets up around 8 in the morning, is ready for a nap around 10, and again around 2 (coincidentally at the same time Michaela is sleeping!!). Then she takes a mini nap right after dinner (I'm wondering when that one will go away) and goes to sleep around 9. We don't actually put her in her bed until we go to bed since I always feed her one last time before I go to sleep, and that usually happens sometime between 10 and 11. She wakes usually once in the middle of the night (actually, early morning) to nurse, and then we're all back to sleep for a while. It's actually a pretty nice routine, but I'd like her to get used to giving us 9 hours of sleep in a row on a normal basis like she did one night when we were in CT. That was especially nice because I also got to sleep for 9 hours for the first time in... uh... probably something like 10 or 11 months. It was bliss and I felt like a new person when I woke up. At some point in time I will start moving her nap from the swing to the pack n play in our room (where she sleeps at night). Or, even better, to her crib in her room at least for the morning one when Michaela's not also in there napping. One day she'll use those pretty Pottery Barn sheets. One day.

Personality-wise, she's really starting to show us more of who she is. She gets SO excited to see Daddy when he gets home from work. She gets even more mad if he has the nerve to say hello to her when he walks in and then doesn't actually come over to see her. She's also started to throw fits when we take something away from her that she likes (like our phones, the TV remote, or anything else she's not supposed to have but somehow manages to get her hands on). Every once in a while we DO let her play with our phones because she LOVES to see herself in the camera. She's also started to do this hilarious shaking thing when she gets excited about something. She just sort of trembles with her fists clenched. The first time she did it, it actually scared me. Now I think it's hilarious! And, finally, Cate seriously thinks that the sun rises and sets by Michaela. She laughs at everything Michaela does and LOVES when Michaela plays with her at all. I get the feeling we're going to have our hands full with this one once she IS mobile! Oh, and she likes her toes. A lot.

I think that's it for the 8 month update. Hopefully by next month I'll be able to report that Cate is sleeping through the night, eating all kinds of food, and at least making an attempt to crawl! We'll see how it goes!

Day 81 - March 22

One of the things that I have absolutely LOVED seeing over the past few weeks is how the girls are starting to interact with each other better. Cate actually likes to play with things now, so Michaela finds her more fun. And Michaela has always been the sun and moon for Cate, so this new interest is just icing on the cake for Cate.

I pulled out some new toys for Cate the other day (and by new, I mean Michaela's old toys) so, of course, Michaela had to get in on the fun. The next thing I knew, I had my own little band. Michaela was on lead vocals (that's a squirt gun turned backwards as a microphone on top of the mini piano) and piano and Cate, according to Michaela, was playing the cymbals.

I love how much Michaela got into her song. Eyes closed and everything!

Day 80 - March 21

I feel like I'm doing everything wrong with Cate compared to how I did things with Michaela. By this point, Michaela was eating all kinds of different foods, she was standing while holding on to furniture, drank out of a sippy cup, and all kinds of other things. Cate hardly eats anything, just finally got around to rolling in the last month or so, and will stand up all day if we're holding onto her, but doesn't stand while holding onto furniture. I think I'm just lazy this time around.

So I grabbed the music table out of our room the other day (where it's been since Michaela got too big for it), and made Cate try balancing for a little while. She did ok until she got tired, but we'll keep working on it.

Meanwhile, it's so weird that I'm so much better informed and sure of myself about some things this time around (like nursing and car seat safety), but it's like I forgot everything else (like how to encourage rolling, crawling, standing, etc.). I think I just want her to stay a baby forever!

Day 79 - March 20

Back home and in no kind of routine at all, Cate has been up WAY later than normal at night (she usually goes to sleep around 8:30 or 9 and sleeps until we go to bed when I feed her again). This bump from our routine due to traveling, changing time zones, AND dealing with daylight savings time has led to a lot of extra night time playing on the floor.

Surrounded by toys, her choice was to just chew on the string from Daddy's sweatshirt. Of course.

Day 78 - March 19

Ah, March 19th. The day our flight got cancelled first thing in the morning.

At least we found out long before we were even considering going to the airport, and Delta rebooked us on US Airways without us even having to do anything. So we got a little extra time with Grandma and Grandpa Jeff, which then led to a major breakdown in the car as we left for their airport. Michaela screamed and sobbed and told us she didn't want to go home for most of the 20 minute drive. It was TERRIBLE and broke my mommy heart.

But I'll do it over and over again as long as we keep getting to see all the grandparents on a semi-regular basis because, in exchange for the tears, she gets great moments like this, playing with Grandma's music boxes and spending time together.

Day 77 - March 18

On the 18th, we drove from NY back to CT so we could repack everything and catch our flight home on the 19th. So since it was a day of getting ready to drive, driving, and recovering from driving, there wasn't much to take pictures of.

So all I have is a picture of Michaela... who is the least cooperative subject ever. I can either get a blurry picture of her smiling and happy and being natural because she MUST move around when she's being smiley and happy; or, I can get a clear picture of this look, which is a smirk and a thousand yard stare. There is no in between these days.

Day 76 - March 17

St. Patrick's Day!

And it will forever be a disappointment to Michaela after the fun of being at Mimi and Papa's house for it.

There was a leprechaun trap. There was a trail of glittery shamrocks left around the house. There was green pee in the toilet. There were little gifts left behind by the leprechaun. There was a pot of gold.

Next year, we'll make sure she has a green shirt to wear. That's pretty much the extent of my St. Patrick's Day fun.

But she had a blast at Mimi's and I even got up early just so I could see her reaction and take some pictures (Jason stayed in bed. Scrooge.)

I have two pictures for the day - Michaela with her leprechaun loot and both girls in their St. Paddy's finery.

Day 75 - March 16

Note to self: Never EVER get this far behind on the blog again. Not only is it nearly impossible to remember which pictures were taken on which days, but then you have to try to figure out something to say about each one, too. That's a lot easier to do when it's fresh. So bear with me.

Back on the 16th, we were still at Jason's mom and step-dad's house (aka Mimi and Papa). They had a small gathering of a few family members and close friends so we could catch up with people and let them meet Cate, and see Michaela again. We had such a great time!

Before everyone showed up, though, we had a minute to try to get a picture of the girls with their grandparents. I call this my "this is the reason why I'll never be a professional photographer" picture.


Because, after taking a bajillion pictures, I got this one, looked down at the screen on my camera and said, "Holy crap! I got one!" That is NOT something you ever want to be saying if you're getting paid to do this for a living.

At least I have a great picture of the girls with Mimi and Papa, though! (And, Maryanne... no reason to print it from here. I'll send you a good file so you can get it full size!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 74 - March 15

This morning, we froze. Because no one planned to go ice skating so no one brought appropriate clothing for that.

It didn't bother Michaela at all. She had a blast for her first time out on the ice. It probably helped that Mimi and Daddy kept her from falling so that we didn't have any meltdowns or fears.

Actually, there was a meltdown, but it came when we told her it was time to go. Now we get to drive over an hour from home to go skating in either Mississippi or Florida when we get home because there are no ice skating rinks in our area.

Maybe we can get her to roller skate instead.

Day 73 - March 14

We left Oswego after nap time on the 13th and rolled into Scotia for family stop #3 just before bedtime that night.

March 14th started really early for us all (at 4:30 in the morning) when we were all awakened to the sound of Michaela throwing up. It's really not a vacation without some puke in the Dorval family.

Thankfully, she recovered well (still not sure what caused it), and was able to help celebrate Papa's (Jason's step-dad) birthday that night. She nicely opened up all his gifts for him. And then she blew out most of his candles on his ice cream birthday cake.

She's helpful like that.

Day 72 - March 13

You probably would not believe how incredibly excited Jason was about one little part of our trip to Oswego if I even tried to explain it. So I won't. But I'll just say that he grew up going to a restaurant on Lake Ontario called Rudy's (the official name is Rudy's Lakeside). There's nothing fancy about Rudy's, but people come from all over the place to get fish sandwiches (delish), hamburgers, hotdogs, and all manner of things with their famous (maybe) Texas Hot Sauce, which is a spicy meat sauce that they put on anything and everything.

Rudy's is only open for the summer, and they very kindly decided to open up at lunchtime on our last day in Oswego. Jason was a happy, happy man.

Meanwhile, part of the fun of going to Rudy's is throwing rocks into Lake Ontario. Keeping tradition alive (I blogged about Rudy's and the rocks two years ago), we had to throw rocks again this time. The difference is that, last time, it was May and Michaela was in short sleeves. And we could get right down to the water. This time, it was March, it snowed shortly after we left, and there was an ice cliff/edge that kept us away from the water. And Michaela was most certainly not wearing short sleeves, but was definitely freezing in not enough coat.

But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

So that's rocks, snow, ice, a 3 foot drop, and then the lake. I'm cold looking at it.

Day 71 - March 12

While we were at Grandpa Joe's house, Jason's Aunt Sue and cousin Kate stopped by, along with Kate's two kids. Mason was a novelty for Michaela as the big boy, but Olivia (who's just over a year older than Michaela) was an instant friend.

I had to look up what their relationship would be since they are the children of cousins. It's second cousins. But, in case you wondered, the children of your own first cousin are also first cousins, but once removed. Got that?


Anywho, cousins, second cousins, removed or not, they had fun together for our short visit. I swear these kids know family instantly.

Day 70 - March 11

You know you're away from home when it takes you five days to get around to a post. At least I'm taking the pictures on time.

March 11 found us at Jason's dad's house for the first of two nights. Since we spent the better part of the  day on the road, I was lucky to get a picture at all, so there's only one.

Cate settled right in with her toys, though she was acting like she'd never seen this one before.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 69 - March 10

If it's sparkly, she likes it. That's Michaela in a nut shell.

Aunt Terrie's scarf was no exception to that rule.

We're in trouble with this one. I feel like I say that a lot.

Day 68 - March 9

Today, my brother and his wife came up to my parent's house so we could spend some time together. Along with their 3 kids, who are all currently under the age of three (my nephew turns 3 next week, my newest niece is about 9 weeks old).

To say the house was a little chaotic with two infants, Michaela, Jacob, and Gabby (19 months) running around would be an understatement. Yikes.

But, since we were all together, Mom wanted us to try to get a picture of all 5 grandkids to fill the last spot in their "grandkids" picture frame. Yikes. Again.

I have to figure out which picture might be good enough to use, but this one of only four of the grandkids pretty much tells the story about how well it went.

Cate's looking at her feet. Michaela looks like she's cooked. Jacob had totally given up and put his head down. And Gabby is only sitting there because Gina (my sister in law) gave her back her pacifier. Lizzie was in Gina's arms, having cried through all the rest of the pictures because she didn't want to be put down.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 67 - March 8

It was another big day at Grandma and Grandpa Jeff's house.

Yesterday's snow was just a teaser for us. The forecasted 3-6 inches turned into somewhere around 12-14 inches. And the little girl who was excited with the dusting yesterday morning didn't know what to do with herself when she got out side today. The snow was almost up to her knees and she had an absolute blast slogging through it, making snow balls, (sort of) helping Daddy make a snow man, and sledding down the driveway.

And, as if that wasn't enough, she then got to help Grandma make a popcorn cake in the afternoon, helping to mix and pour all the ingredients into different pots and bowls.

Big day for a little girl!!

Day 66 - March 7

There was one VERY excited girl in Vernon, CT, when she woke up this morning.

Her name is Michaela and she got to see the first snow that she actually can remember. That's kind of funny for a girl born in Alaska, but so it goes for a Coastie kid who moved from Alaska to Alabama right around the time she turned one.

There were snow angels. There were snow balls. There were snow snacks. And there were a LOT of smiles.

Day 65 - March 6

When we booked our plane tickets for a visit to the northeast a few weeks ago, the 7:30 departure time didn't seem that bad. Plus, we were finally getting to use our left-over Alaska Airlines miles (saving us over $1500 in plane tickets), so we didn't complain too much.

Then our itinerary was changed to a 7:10 departure. That also didn't seem that bad. Until I realized I had to set the alarm for 3:30 in the morning in order to finish up the last packing in the morning and get to the airport in time to drag all our bajillions of things in.

And then the sun wasn't even all the way up when we were already at our gate.

It's offical: 7:10am is too early to leave. Ever.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64 - March 5

More Daddy and Cate today.

She was so tired earlier that all she could do was fall forward onto his belly/chest and then slowly pick herself back up again. Of course, as soon as she saw that I was trying to get a picture (meaning, I was paying attention to her), she got upset because there was some hunger thrown in with the sleepiness, and she just wanted to nurse and not hang out with Daddy so I could take a picture.

So, yes, she's a little bit crying in this picture (my 5th attempt to take it), and yes I fed her as soon as I was done taking it.

Day 63 - March 4

Pretty much nothing melts my heart more than seeing Jason with his girls - either one at a time or together. He's such a great dad and they both adore him.

Sometimes, you've gotta just hang out together on the floor.

And, yes, she only has one sock on. She had to take the other one off to chew on it.

Day 62 - March 3

I really need to stop getting behind.

This picture just made me laugh because I hadn't taken a picture all day, figured I'd get a quick one of the baby, and, as soon as she saw the phone, she just cheesed it up like a little smiley model.

So thanks for looking cute, Cate!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 61 - March 2

Every once in a while, Michaela acts as though she actually likes Cate and asks to do something like hold her.

Tonight was one of those nights. And I'm glad I took a picture because, two years from now when they're fighting over toys (who am I kidding, that happens already), I can show them this and remind them of how much they really love(d) each other!

I never get tired of seeing Cate's face light up whenever Michaela looks at her.

Day 60 - March 1

Cate has been so cuddly at night lately! Well, she probably seems that way to me because I'm not the one who usually sits with her at night. But with Jason away, it became my job.

I've been rocking her to sleep at about 8:30 or 9 and then trying to get her into the swing so I could do things like blog (you'll note I'm behind a few days..), clean up the kitchen, catch up on Facebook, and get ready for bed.

The last few nights, though, instead of just laying in my arms, she's been cuddling right up on my chest. That makes it a LOT harder to want to put her down! Who doesn't want a cuddle from their quickly-growing baby?

Oh, and it's Friday and there's a picture of me! (Pretty impressive for a self portrait, huh?)

Day 59 - February 28

Two months down, 10 to go!

This post comes with a warning - if you don't want to hear about my kid's peeing and pooping habits, don't read anything, just look at the picture and move on!

Michaela has been mostly potty-trained since just after Christmas. The exceptions are that she still wears a diaper overnight because she seems to save all her peeing for night time and sleeps like the dead and she would not, under any circumstances, poop on the toilet.

After a week of what seems to have been a nasty tummy bug, I just couldn't deal with another gross diaper, so I finally got her to go on the toilet. I'm not proud of how it happened (there was yelling and threatening), but it worked.

This princess tent (which we've had for months, just sitting in the garage) probably helped sweeten the deal. She was pretty excited to set this up and even slept in it for two nights and a nap.

And her silly face in the picture is because she's singing the little tune Gisele sings in "Enchanted" when she calls her woodland creature friends to help her. Such a goof!