Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 364 - December 30

I feel like I should have something super special for the last couple of days of the year. Instead, I just have the only pictures I took for the day. But they're funny.

And I'm using two because neither one tells the true story all by itself.

So I was talking to Mom on the phone this morning. I sat down on my bed and Cate promptly "asked" to come up with me.

She climbed into my lap and, the next thing I knew, she had gotten very quiet and still.

Because she fell asleep like this.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 363 - December 29

I no longer have to go totally and completely out of my way to get Dunkin.

The new one opened here in Mobile just before Christmas, and there was much rejoicing in the Dorval household. Especially since it's pretty much right next door to the ballet studio, so Jason will be able to go every single week when he takes Michaela to ballet. Happy man.

I don't get down to that part of town often, but a highlight of going gown shopping today was knowing I'd get to drive right by it on the way home. I needed the pick me up after gown shopping. Happy girl!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 362 - December 28

Back in November, we got crafty with buttons at my MOPS meeting. I then framed this about 3 weeks ago, and it's been leaning against the wall in the office since then.

Oddly enough, it took about 5 minutes to hang it today. Go figure.

Look how crafty I am!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 361 - December 27

Obviously the younger sister gets to see her older sister dress up a lot. And, apparently, dressing up looks fun.

Which is how this ended up happening today.

The face, well, that's just Cate.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 360 - December 26

We got to extend Christmas a little, thanks to a box of gifts getting here today.

And, my goodness, did we have a VERY happy girl on our hands!

(Well, two girls. But Cate got her big gift from them already because they shipped it directly to us. I took the picture of that yesterday, but I figured I'd give them both fair play.)

The quote of the day:

"I finally got my tail!!"

Day 359 - December 25

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I'm fairly certain that, due to a small child deciding she didn't want to sleep for a while sometime around 10pm-ish, therefore pushing back our entire to-do list on Christmas Eve, this picture was taken just after midnight, technically on Christmas.

And, because I couldn't choose one, or even two, pictures of the girls from Christmas morning, I'm going with this one.